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Your business questions deserve answers from smart & savvy entrepreneurs who have been there, done that, and are still doing it every day.

CoCommercial is a fluff-free social network of small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs making waves in the New Economy. Together, we’re creating the web’s most dependable brain trust for building a small business in the digital age.

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You’re In Good Company

As a coach, consultant, designer, maker, marketer, writer, educator, producer, or founder, you’re part of a shift in how the world does business.  But since you spend a good bit of time every day working from the confines of your home office or studio, you don’t get to meet many people who “get” what you’re up to.

That can leave you feeling lonely and isolated. But worse, it can mean missing out on valuable intel, information, camaraderie, and support from entrepreneurs who are experiencing similar challenges, questions, and goals.

CoCommercial is a network of small business owners growing their businesses online & off. We give you direct access to the forward-thinking people, insider conversations, fresh thinking and trends that help you grow your business.

What Our Members Say

I’ve been a CoCommercial member for a year now. Best investment I’ve made and will continue to make for my business and for myself!

Lou Blaser, Career Coach & Founder, Second Breaks

CoCommercial has changed everything for me. I was ready to quit because I just couldn’t find the level of enthusiasm I needed to grow my business. I didn’t need hand-holding. I just needed to “feel the love.”

Celina Lane, Creator, Simply Collectible Crochet

I love being a part of a diverse entrepreneurial business community. I’ve often felt ahead of the curve in other communities but this one brings together entrepreneurs at every stage. This community will always remain a part of my business-building arsenal.

Patrice Perkins, Founder, Creative Genius Law

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  • Exclusive access to a growing global network of New Economy small business owners so you can connect with the right people & information to take things to the next level
  • Exclusive access to our app (available via the App Store or Google Play) so you can take your support network wherever you go
  • Exclusive access to our dedicated digital coworking & collaboration space so you can get answers, ideas, and inspiration—and get on your way fast!
  • Insider conversations with high-performing entrepreneurs on subjects like mindset, money, marketing, hiring, productivity, sales, and more
  • Connections to local members so you can meet New Economy small business owners close to where you live
  • Invitations to members-only events like our quarterly virtual conferences
  • Concierge service from the CoCommercial team to help you find what you need anytime you get stuck
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